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  • Brothers

    Ultimate Battle of Colour


    Humming stars spin and rise to breaks of gold crackling with red and green palm pistils…

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  • Cosmic

    Volcanic Fire 5 Cone Pack


    A pack of 5 assorted sized cones emitting cascading showers of coloured and crackling stars that reach unbelievable height for such small cones.

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  • Cake pack

    W.T.F Cake Selection Box


    This pack of 8 Barrages of 64 Shots each makes for a stunning show all with unique effects.

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  • New



    This 100 shot fan cake has an amazing pace filling the skies with willows tipped with orange and green pearls with the addition of crackle. Then an amazing fanned section of huge golden brocades with gold mine lifts leading to a brocade and willow finale with chrysanthemum crackle filling then sky!!
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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Wave Willow 19 Shot


    Amazing burst from this 19 shot salvo with silver blinking tails to sky filling double willow breaks with red, green and blue blinks.

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  • Absolute

    Wildfire Selection Box


    Wildfire Selection Box Contains :- 1 x Roman candle barrage 1 x Roman Candle Bouquet 4 x Mines 6 x Mini Barrages 16 x Fountains 3 x Single shot tubes 3 x Multi-shot Roman Candles 1 x Catherine Wheel


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  • New

    Cakes & Barrages

    Willow Box


    We are sure this will become one of our most popular fireworks owing to its unique effects, a true gem filling the sky with gold of 104 shots

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  • New

    Cakes & Barrages



    A 49 shot barrage consisting of stunning low noise blue tails to blue star and red fish, yellow tail to purple falling leaves, blue tail to white strobe waterfall, red comet to green mine, green comet to red mine, brocade tail to brocade horsetail and red tail to green strobing waterfall.

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