Category of Firework

icon-attribute-categoryCat 1 fireworks – indoor

Cat 2 fireworks – garden – are for use outdoors and spectators must be at least 8 metres away

Cat 3 fireworks – display – are for use outdoors and spectators must be at least 25 metres away these are the largest public use firework.

Cat 4 professional use only.

Safety Distance in Metres

icon-attribute-clearanceThis give you the minimum safety distance you need to be away from the firework to view it safely, however greater distance is always recommended for the best view of the fireworks. Also it is advisable to be up wind of the firing so no debris falls in the spectators direction. For more information see our Event Planning Page.

Number of Shots

icon-attribute-shotsThis gives you the number of shots which will fire from the one firework with the one light fuse.


Bore Diameter

icon-attribute-boreThis gives you the bore diameter of the firework. Obviously the bigger the bore the bigger the burst. Barrages with a variety of sizes combined will display the largest bore diameter.

Length of Time

icon-attribute-durationThis gives an approximate length of time the pack or individual firework will last in seconds.


Noise Rating

icon-attribute-noise1 = Low noise

2 = Some Pops

3 = Some Bangs

4 = Loud Bangs

5 = Mega Loud

6 = Whistles