We have some offers on 12 amazing fireworks to brighten up the sky and bring in a new decade 2020!

Plus a huge selection of others to choose from…

We will be open

Sat 28th  Dec 9am to 6pm

Sun 29th Dec 10.30am to 4.30pm

 Mon 30th Dec 9am to 6pm

NYE Tue 31st Dec 9am -6pm

However if you want fireworks at any other time and on the run up to Christmas

please just message us or call to arrange a time, and we will open, many thanks.

Legend – Just WOW, compound cake, 30 seconds that blows your mind, save £5 so now only £150 amazing finale barrage.

Doomsday – 500 Shots with a wide array of fast-paced effects; including multi-coloured comets, whistles, glitter tails, save £4 now only £46

Trojan Spirit – a compound cake with so many different effects cramped in to just 70 seconds save £7 so now only £80

Our Biggest Special offer of the season is… Tardis II – NOW ONLY £70 was £80, It has 126 shots for an all round show with a fantastic assortment of high quality mixed effects which lasts 90 seconds.

These a  just a few, check out our special offer page HERE for more detail.