Our King’s Coronation 6th May 2023

We have a huge selection of fireworks avaliable but want something special with that Red White Blue patriotic twist to celebrate with at your partys for the King we have them…

Flash Harry – 16 Shot  bursts of red and blue stars with white strobing stars £10

Styx – 16 Shot blue star to white strobe bursts and red star to gold corolla bursts £15

Fanfare Royale – 80 Shot lasting 50 Seconds this amazing Z-Firing and Fan Firing Barrage of Red White and Blue Effects £90

Red White Blue Daylight Handheld Smokes – £7 each colour

The Royals – Twin pack of our largest rockets with huge arial burst is sparkly gold and silvers perfect for a royal occasion £50

Open by Appointment, please ring before coming along

and Sat 29th and Sun 30th April 10am-5pm