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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Bees in the Trees


    Low noise barrage of mixed mines and comets with bees, spinners and glittering rain. A 34 shot delight.

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Birds and Bees


    40 shot fanned waves of glitter mines with blue bees, alternating with crackling tails to gold spiders with ghost and star bursts.

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  • Sale!

    Cakes & Barrages

    Fanfare Royale


    25mm 80 Shot lasting 50 Seconds this amazing Z-Firing and Fan Firing Barrage of Red White and Blue Effects perfect for the Coranation Celebration Partys

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Noble Neon


    Vibrant neon coloured bursts with glitter, great variety, finale crackle volley with blue stars.

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  • Fountains mines & Wheels

    Jumping Jelly Beans


    Weird blobby bouncing multicolour effects!

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