Tai Pan

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Backyard Battles


    Outstanding 100 shot garden firework with great effects and a long running time of almost 1min 30sec! Great mix of colours and effects and amazing duration. 1.3G

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  • Fountains mines & Wheels

    Burnout Wheel


    A stunning triple-effect wheel with speed and spectacle. Burnout is fast from the beginning, and keeps going flat out to the end. Featuring red, green, gold and an amazing firefly effect, it’s something a little bit different and excellent value for money

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  • Rockets

    Dark Angel Rocket Pack


    Featuring 9 different effects in the one pack, each rocket is jaw dropping with a mix of impact, colour and hang time. Effects include Brocade Crown with red Strobe, King Brocade with Gold Strobe, Red Strobe Willow with Blue stars and more.

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  • Absolute



    A brilliant 25 shot cake with amazing multi-coloured effects , perfect for back garden displays.

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Rio Grand


    Featuring a stunning range of vibrant colours and effects

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Tank Buster


    A mix of 25mm and 30mm tubes with dazzling colours, it is great value with terrific performance

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