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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Willow Box


    We are sure this will become one of our most popular fireworks owing to its unique effects, a true gem filling the sky with gold of 104 shots

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Chain Reaction


    With 170 shots and mixed effects and firing angles this display in a box offers fantastic colours, lasting an impressive 2 minutes

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  • Cakes & Barrages



    320 Shots This loud firework is ever popular and always in demand. A crowd pleaser not to be missed.

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  • Brothers

    Fireworks Crazy


    Fireworks Crazy is a 100 shot barrage crammed full of so many effects there’s too many to list! This is one Awesome cake not to be missed!!

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  • Sale!




    This firework really is INSANE!! 100 shots in 25 seconds.

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  • Cakes & Barrages



    This new 105 shot compound offers brilliant bursts and rapid rate of fire to fill the sky with a stunning mixed firing pattern combining 25 and 30mm bore size.

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