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  • Rockets

    Starlight Rocket Pack


    A great selection of 10 effect rockets offer variety and value with effects including blue peony to crackle, red peony to crackle and gold peony to crackle plus many more..


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  • Brothers



    Silver Tail to Multicolour with Crackling Tail, Lovely little Cake

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  • Fountains mines & Wheels

    Strobing Bengal


    Superb Bright Silver Strobing Bengal Firework lasting for around 1 minute. llluminates your garden with an atmospheric “Spooky” light!!!

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Super Cell


    A fast and impressive firework firing red tail to red blinking willows with silver blink, golden willow with gold blink and red blink, silver palms to silver blink

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  • New

    Fountains mines & Wheels

    Super Etna Fountain


    With an excellently extended duration of over 100 seconds. The Super Etna Fountains provides a continuous forceful eruption of silver crackling. While these wonderful professional looking fountains reach a height of nearly seven metres. This fountain is a winner for any display and also classed as low noise.

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  • Sale!


    Super Show 3oz mesh pack of 4


    This pack of 4 excellent display rockets create a big bang and shell burst…..

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  • Cakes & Barrages



    Superb effects long whistles to brocade crown.

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  • Brothers



    SURPRISE  is a brand new firework by Brothers Pyrotechnics and a beautiful barrage, that could easily be used as a gender reveal with its strong red colours.

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Surprise Me


    Two minute 4 compound cake, with 146 shots in total from two fanned and two straight firing barrages, with some really vivid colours and effects

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  • Cakes & Barrages

    Tank Buster


    A mix of 25mm and 30mm tubes with dazzling colours, it is great value with terrific performance

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  • Cake pack

    Terminator 4 Pack


    Two straight firing & two angled to give you an explosion of different effects.

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  • Brothers

    The King (single)


    Producing a HUGE golden palm that falls from the sky with long hang time!

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