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  • Cake pack

    Crown Selection


    A massive combo box of 10 big effect cakes including three 19 shots salvo’s, three 25 shot barrages, two 20 shot angle cakes and two 50 shot cakes offering a range of effects

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  • Vivid

    F2 Ultra Pro Cake Box Selection


    A pack of 6 pro-effect barrages totalling 96 shots, ideal for the larger garden with top quality effects.

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  • Cake pack

    Asylum Cake Selection Pack


    Vivid have introduced their new 9 cake barrage pack this year and the start of their Asylum range. Packed with 210 shots of various effects of strobes, willows, brocades and chrysanthemum crackle with very vibrant coloured comets,pearls and stars. A great valued display pack

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  • Cake pack

    Four Seasons Cake Pack


    NEW FOR 2021

    A four-pack of vibrant low noise cakes, each with a different flavour.

    Winter Spring Summer Autumn

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  • Cake pack

    Terminator 4 Pack


    Two straight firing & two angled to give you an explosion of different effects.

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